Most of the time when we talk to people there first reaction is “I never knew something like this existed”. Frankly that’s not surprising, mobile detailing is a relatively new industry. Most folks are so used to driving to their local car wash or doing it themselves. Wouldn’t it be easier if you didn’t have to drive? Let Gibbs Detailing come to you!

  1. The first reason to choose Gibbs Detailing over your local wash is quality and attention to detail. Car washes rely on speed.  How fast they can get your vehicle finished and get another in. The focus is definitely on quantity not quality and in the end you get an inferior service. When you get a service from us we send out a skilled detail specialist with plenty of experience. From bumper to bumper you can be assure that you are getting the highest quality service, and we back that up. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied!
  2. Big car washes often use the cheapest products possible to reduce their overhead. On top of that they often dilute these inferior products to stretch them even farther. Also most car washes use cotton rags or terry towels to wipe and buff painted surfaces, this is where swirl marks come from. Gibbs Detailing only uses top quality microfiber towels and applicators. We only use professional, Eco-Friendly products and we never dilute them. Our top concern is your satisfaction and we try to prove this every day.
  3. Environment. Normal car washes use between 50 and 80 gallons of water per vehicle. Our regular wash uses between 7 and 10 and we even have a bucket wash method which uses about 1 gallon of water. All of our products are biodegradable and eco friendly.
  4.  Trust. Lets face it if you go to the car wash, you might get your car washed 4 times and never see the same person twice.  How are you supposed to get any kind of consistency like that. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers. If you like the specialist we send out to you we will never send anyone else. This way we get to know exactly how you like your car to look and what you’re concerned with and what your not. We guarantee each service will yield the same flawless result!

8 thoughts on “4 Reasons You Should Hire A Mobile Detailer?

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  5. If your venture looks grimy and smeared, you might want to have your vehicle detailed by a well-versed car detailer. Regrettably, it can take a lot of your valuable time, which can make it nearly unfeasible if your schedule is hectic. However, it is the mobile auto detailing service which can make the quest easier for you and get your task done without taking any extra hours of your day. The main reason behind hiring a mobile auto detailer is the higher degree of convenience. I mean to say that by hiring a mobile detailing service, you can avail the detailing advantages at your office place or place of residence without visiting extra miles and putting an extra elbow grease. Thus, my suggestion is, you should hire a reliable mobile detailer by which you can keep your vehicle looking great without spending too much on maintenance.

  6. I like how you mentioned that a car detailer will use better products. One of my roommates is obsessed with cars, but she doesn’t go to a detailer. Thanks for pointing out the benefits of going to a car detailer.

  7. Thanks for explaining how a mobile detailer doesn’t use as much water to clean your car. This is great for everyone who cares about the environment. A car needs to be cleaned so it doesn’t lose a lot of value but the less water used the better overall in my opinion.

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