Cleaning your car is not only good for your car! It is actually good for its driver as well. In our lives we feel that not only what we do is a reflection of ourselves, but what we have is also. This is sad but true to judge who we are by what we have. However, it is not only what we have but what we do with what we have. For example if a person has a nice car but doesn’t bother to take care of it, people are going to talk negatively about him. So, it is no doubt that a having a clean car can improve your mood.

The way that people perceive us has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Even though we may not think it is right, others will judge us on our appearance and the appearance of our house and yes, our cars! So if other people perceive us in a positive way we will feel better about ourselves. Some people view their car as a reflection of themselves. If their car looks good, they look good and so on. So if we keep our cars clean people will see that we are clean, that we take care of ourselves and our stuff, and that we take pride in ourselves!

Also, it is just a nice feeling riding in a clean car. If your car is dirty and the inside is cluttered there is a stale feeling in your car. A cluttered car can make you feel trapped and out of control as well. However, when your car is clean you feel good that you cleaned it and also proud to drive it. Also your car also smells better after it is cleaned and scents have a way of triggering certain emotions and feelings. If you smell good things chances are you will feel good too. Also you will get a little exercise while doing so which may release some stress and make you feel better, any form of exercise can make you feel better.

So to get started with improving your mood, contact Gibbs Detailing for an estimate.   Having a great auto detailer at your service can do wonders to your overall life outlook.

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