It’s hard to beat the convenience of getting your car washed while at work or in the office.

Not only that, but your work colleagues could also benefit from the Gibbs Detailing service while we undertake the cleaning of your vehicle. Organize a visit from Gibbs Detailing for yourself and your colleagues and you could benefit from our arrangement reward.

Organize a date, arrange the services required and collect the keys from your colleagues for our arrival. Your vehicle could be cleaned at a discount or for free! (Talk to Gibbs Detailing prior to booking)

Its really simple to get your car washed and waxed for FREE! Simply get 5 other co-workers to sign up for a car wash and wax on the same day. You will then get yours done for FREE! Don’t have 5 people to enjoy this effortless service, for every person you get to sign up we will take $15 off your car wash & wax service. (up to 5 people)

Send us a message at to learn more.

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